Because mortgage approval is generally the longest contingency to satisfy in a purchase contract, it is to your advantage to obtain a pre-qualification letter as soon as you're ready to begin your search.

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We have you covered with a vast array of loan products to meet your individual needs.

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We have created a checklist of the items we may request during your loan application process.

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  • We came form out of state and Charles made the process very straighforward. We always knew where we were in the process and the communication was flawless.

    Charles took the time to kepp us up to date on the status of our loan and there were no surprises with our loan.

    In today's motgage market working with a man like Charles is a welcome change. We worked with others in the past two years in our home town and there is no comparison!


    -- Sean O'Leary

    ~ S. O'Leary